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Monday, January 16, 2012

Project Gutes Land, Vilsbiburg, Germany

The fun thing about a new project is that we have a chance to introduce the people behind it. In doing so every project gets a face, which makes giving much more enjoyable and less impersonal... Well, that´s how we see it.

Dirk and Meike Hellmann
For our first project of 2012 we need to go to the south eastern corner of Germany, to the little town of Vilsbiburg. Our friends Dirk and Meike Hellmann live there on a centuries old farm, Gutes Land, where they offer a residential program for men battling addictions. We met Dirk and Meike a few years ago during a Europe Teen Challenge conference in Prague and we have stayed in contact ever since. We visited Gutes Land and later invited them to stay with us for a few weeks in our house in California. Last summer Jan visited Gutes Land again.

What we love about Dirk and Meike is that they both have a very powerful testimony about how God changed their lives in the past. They really have a heart for lost and broken people and have given their lives to help them. Gutes Land is part of Teen Challenge which means that the program is based on biblical principles and values and dependent on the power of the Holy Spirit. There are currently 5 men in the program and the staff is praying for 5 more men to come in within the next 2 months. After finishing the program Dirk and Meike want to offer the graduates the opportunity to live in an after care house, this semi independent living will prepare them for re-entry into society.
Teen Challenge Gutes Land

A few years ago they started building a small house on the property. Much of the building material has been donated, but it turned out to be very difficult to find volunteers with building skills. They finally decided to hire a contractor to do the work, the expected costs will be 20,000 euro. That is a lot of money if you don´t have it and we would love to help them by at least paying part of that bill. We desire to raise 5,000 euro (6,300 dollar) to help them out and in the meantime we will pray that the rest of the money will come in as well, so that Dirk and Meike do not need to worry about it anymore.
Outdoor lunch during our visit in 2010

Nothing touches us more than to see human lives changed by the power of the gospel, that is still the biggest miracle there is. Working in this kind of ministry is not easy and we hope to be an encouragement to the staff of Gutes Land. If they can do their work with joy, the men in the program will benefit too!

We will start joyfully, the gifts thermometer is already at 1,000 euro.

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