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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Queensday Fundraiser

Happy faces at the Traveling Light booth
Every year on April 30th Holland celebrates the birthday of Queen Beatrix with all kinds of festivities. Every city and town has a free market, kind of like a yard sale, where people can buy and sell stuff.

Our friend and faithful supporter Cora Donk had the idea to have a sale for the benefit of Traveling Light. While we were traveling and visiting various projects in Southern Europe, she brought together a team of family, friends and neighbors to help her. As you can see in the pictures it was a beautiful and colorful day; orange is the color of our royal family. Red, white and blue the colors of our flag.
Erica behind the booth

Together they raised 330 euro for Traveling Light and it needs no further explanation that we are really thankful for such supporters. They talked to hundreds of people, handed out flyers, received donations and sold most of the second hand goods in their booth. We really want to thank:
  • Cora Donk for organizing this event,
  • Ton Swart, for printing flyers
  • Erica Swart for running the booth all day
  • Catharina & Zita for lending us a clothes rack
  • Krijn Donk for raising the amount to 400 euro!
  • Everyone for donating stuff and for visiting the booth
All the proceeds will go towards our current project: Raskrsce Teen Challenge, Serbia. For various reasons they got behind on paying some of the bills and we offered to help them to pay the utility bills of the men's and women's center, so the centers can stay open.


Maria I. Morgan said...

Awesome to hear about the support that was raised for Traveling Light! God bless you!

Traveling Light said...

We are indeed very thankful for such faithful help Maria!