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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

News & Prayer

Poster Serbia Conference

Next week Jan is planning to go to Slovenia and Serbia. Pastor Steve Telzerow from Ljublijana invited him to come to the My Brother's Keeper Conference which will be held in Serbia this year. Hundreds of men from all former Yugoslavian countries will come together for prayer, forgiveness and reconciliation.  This will certainly be an interesting event. Please, pray for a safe journey, but most of all that people will be touched by the love of God. We found a short message on Youtube about the upcoming conference, by  Nik Vujičić. You will find it at the end of this post, click to watch.

Last week there was a nice article in our local newspaper about  Teen Challenge Serbia and our efforts to help them. You can find the article HERE, try Google translate and see if you can make sense of it :) We hope that local media coverage like this will bring in new supporters!

Bible study group at summer camp
From June 25-29 2012, Teen Challenge Ukraine, together with a local Jewish Messianic Congregation, organizes their annual summer camp for people from rehab centers all over Ukraine. Men, women, children, everyone is welcome. For many of them it will be the first time to go on a summer camp and have fun. They offer Bible studies, music, games, sports and good, safe fellowship. Let us pray that many hearts will be touched during this week and that many wounds from the past will be healed. For a gift of $25 you can send one person to the summer camp where they will have the time of their life.You can send your donation to:

Rabo bank nr. 1185 82 275 St. Traveling Light, Papendrecht, the Netherlands
IBAN: NL91RABO0118582275
For those in the USA, you can donate HERE.
Make sure to mention: Ukraine summer camp

Last week we heard that the two mini vans that belong to Teen Challenge, the Spetse Hoeve in Groningen (Netherlands) broke down. Ouch! That makes our Project Passenger Van all the more urgent. There simply is no extra money to pay for new vans. That is why they have asked for our help. The gifts thermometer currently stands at 1,300 euro. We want to bless them with a gift of 3,500 euro. Without your faithful and generous support we cannot do this.

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