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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

News from the Ukraine

Future Onyfrievka men's home
Many of you will remember our very first project: raising funds for the purchase of a building in Onyfrievka, Ukraine which would be used for a men's rehab home.

There was 10.000 euro needed to purchase the building, not a large amount, but to us it was enormous. We had never done such a thing! But the gifts started coming in and in a short time we were able to donate the money to the Ukraine. But then... the real challenge began.

There were some problems with the paper work. It took months and months to get the official paperwork in order. In the meantime we kept praying that everything would work out fine and we did not worry about it. Last week we received news from Sergey & Mariana Glushko in Kiev that all the necessary papers are there and the building can be purchased. Hooray!

Now, we would really love to go and visit the place...

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