Tuesday, March 5, 2013

News and prayer

HOORAY! You have done it again. In record time we received the donations for our latest project in Israel. It is heart warming to see your responses.

  • About two weeks ago we announced that we wanted to bless the Messianic Congregation in Kiryat Gat with a gift of 2,000 euro... well, thanks to you all, we are able to do so today. Thank you very much everyone. As a result of an arson attack their building caught on fire and lots of damage was done. We are happy and thankful that we can encourage them with a financial gift. It is good and certainly necessary to keep praying for the Messianic believers (Jews and Arabs!) in Israel, because they are being persecuted by several Orthodox groups.
  • We have a new website. At this point it is only in the Dutch language, sorry :( But we will do our best to add an English translation in the future. In the meanwhile you can use Google translate and just enjoy the photo's. Please help us to get more (international) supporters by telling others about us and by sharing the posts on this weblog on Facebook and Twitter.
  • We would love to support projects in all countries in Europe with gifts and encouragement, but we will take it one step at the time. For our next project we will go Portugal, to the Europe Teen Challenge office. They are having car trouble... more about that in our next post.

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