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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Project Playground Tetovo, Macedonia

Jordan, Vesna and Jakov Stoilovi

For our next project we will take you to Macedonia again. This time to a city in the north, called Tetovo, where Jordan Stoilovi lives with his wife Vesna and little son Jakov.

This past January we visited Jordan in his coffeehouse The Bridge. A place where people can come and talk, have coffee and follow Bible studies. The population in Tetovo is predominantly from Albanian descent and about 83% of the people are Muslim. In one of next blog posts we will share part of Jordan's testimony. He has an incredible story to tell!

The Bridge Center, Tetovo
Jordan desires to let the light of Jesus shine in his town and well in a very practical way. He wants to do so by cleaning up public parks and places in the city. Last year he did a project with the help of a team of volunteers from England; they painted a bridge and cleaned up the area around it. Just watch this film on Youtube, it is very inspiring! The painting of the bridge created a lot of curiosity among the locals, a great opportunity to make new friends, talk with people and pray with those in need.

Jordan's plan for this spring is to fix up a small park near that same bridge and to create a children's playground. He has received a permission from the municipality to place some tables and benches and toys there. He has asked for helping hands among his friends and he has even managed to raise some funds. Jordan still needs 1,000 euro for the realisation of this project. We would just love to help him out!

If all goes according to plan he will start this project in the second week of May. We won't be able to go there to help him, because we have planned a visit to Ludwigslust, Germany in the same week. We will however try to plan a visit very soon. For now, we can all offer our support by donating towards this project. We are looking forward to your gifts!

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