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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Project Study Grant Teen Challenge, Slovenia

Magdalena Horjak
The 5,000 euro for project casa Shalom in Italy came in, thank you all very much for your generosity. If you read any German, HERE is more information about the therapeutic community that we are sponsoring with this money.

Alright, time for a new project. The beautiful lady in this picture is Magdalena Horjak. A few years back she and her husband Matjaz started the Izhod Teen Challenge men's home in Nova Vas, Slovenia. As in many European countries the requirements and regulations to run a rehabilitation home are getting more and more complicated. It is now necessary for one of the staff members to have a degree in health & social studies.

Magdalena is currently studying to get her degree. Quite an undertaking, since she is also the mother of three young daughters. Even more so, such a study is a financial burden. The Horjaks have borrowed the money for this study and are making payments of 750 euro. Traveling Light wants to help them by taking care of (at least) one of these payments.

Horjak family
Many of our projects involve the sponsoring of Christian / Bible based rehabilitation work. We figure it is no more than logical that you want to see the fruit of that work as well. 'Are people staying clean?' is a question we often hear. That is why, every now and then, we like to zoom in on people whose lives have been transformed in an amazing way. Believe it or not, but Magdalena used to be a heroin addict at some point in her younger life.

We are very proud of her now, she is a good wife and mother and an excellent student!

We want the work among the homeless and addicts in Slovenia to continue, and we are grateful that Magdalena is doing the necessary studies.
Will you help us help her?

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