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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

News items & prayer

'Go into the world...'
It is, again, time to share some news and prayer items with you all. The international network of Traveling Light is expanding and that means we are having more and more contact with people, organisations and churches who are working with the homeless, poor, addicted and sick. Lives are being transformed all over Europe. These workers refuse to be discouraged by the negative news the media keeps pouring out, they simply realize every human being counts!

We see it as our calling to support them in their work among the outcasts of society. We receive many positive comments from people, but we hope you realize we can only do this because of your gifts. So, please invest in our projects, so we can help even more people.
  • This weekend we will visit the Agape Gemeinde in Lubeck, Germany. We have been invited to speak about the theme Reconciliation. Offering spiritual encouragement is also an essential part of the mission we have as Traveling Light. The Agape Gemeinde is a church we have not visited before, so please pray for a safe trip and a blessed and useful conference.
  • Do you remember we donated 1,000 euro this last May for a playground in the city of Tetovo, Macedonia? In June Jan and one of our volunteers went to visit Jordan Stoilov, who took this initiative. It was clear that many children from the neighborhood used the playground and within just a few months the playground was in need of repairs and adjustments. A mission team from England came last week to fix things up. You can see the pictures here. We are planning to help Jordan with his coffeehouse The Bridge, this is one of the many projects on our waiting list.
  • Another project on our waiting list is the purchase of a home in the Ukraine that will be converted into a rehabilitation home for women AND their children. Many women in the Ukraine refuse to go into rehab because they will have to be separated from their children. We are in contact with Teen Challenge and a Messianic congregation that wants to open a new home. We already have pictures of the house that is for sale. Coming up soon....
  • Currently we are fundraising for Project heater Teen Challenge Poland. We have not yet received an answer to our challenge for a church, ministry or business who wants to take care of the fundraising (7,000 euro) for the second heater. Please, ask around in your church or group and email us at janandmarja@gmail.com. Please, pray with us that this amount will come in soon, because winter is coming. You can send your gift to RABO bank number 1185 82 275, IBAN: NL91RABO0118582275 and BIC: RABONL2. When in USA: send your gift to Eastern Europe Outreach and make sure to mention TC Poland, HEATER. THANKS!

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