Saturday, October 19, 2013

We just LOVE our sponsors!

Meindert van der Wal
We have written it before and we'll say it again: a non profit organisation can only exist and survive because of volunteers, friends and sponsors... (yes, we're talking money here).

Meindert van der Wal is such a sponsor! In July of this year we were in Poland with him, and his son Jan, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Teen Challenge Poland. Meindert has been visiting Poland for many years and he has a very special friendship with  Zbyszek & Ewa Urbaniak, the founders and directors of Teen Challenge Poland.

fundraiser flyer
When Meindert heard about our project heater Teen Challenge Poland, he came up with a fundraiser idea. He decided to print a big stack (1,000 pieces!) of flyers with a picture of the current heater and the request to donate 10 Euro's for the replacement of this old heater.

Well, you can imagine... anyone who crosses Meindert's path receives a flyer ;) What a great idea. Gifts are beginning to come in and we are very thankful for that. The costs for a new heater are about 7,000 euro's. We have already passed the halfway mark, we still need about 3,000 euro's.

Dining room in the Lekini men's center
This huge wood burner takes care of the heating in many of the rooms of the men's center in Lekini. A system of underground pipes transports the heat to the various buildings on the grounds of this former military base. We are very thankful for the 52 men that are currently living there. Men that have decided to change their lives for the good. How great will be the happiness in their families.

Will you help us to support this life changing work in Poland?

Thank you!

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