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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Photo's new heater Teen Challenge Poland

The new wood heater
We at Traveling Light purposely choose to sponsor small scale, local projects. What are the advantages of working like that?

Well, the amount of money we collect for such projects is managable. The money will go directly to the projects and the money will be used for the projects as soon as possible. This gives clarity to the recipients as well as to the givers.

This past November we raised 7,000 euro for the purchase and installation of a new wood heater at the men's rehabilitation home of Teen Challenge in Lekini, Poland.

The men's home is located in a former military base and offers room to about fifty men who are willing to get rid of their addictions and start a new life. Their rehab is based on the love and grace of Jesus Christ and on biblical principles.

On their way to recovery
Together we made it possible for the men in Lekini to stay warm this winter and during many more winters to come; it can get really cold in Poland. The huge wood heater is connected to an extensive system of pipes through which warm water is being transported to the various buildings. Think of it as a form of city-heating.

Chopping wood and keeping the heater burning are some of the daily chores the men will be assigned to, as soon as they enter the program.

The nice thing about this project was that our supporter Meindert van der Wal put his own fundraiser idea into action. We received many individual gifts through his church Jong & Vrij in Hellevoetsluis. Thank you all so much for helping us out with this project.

The guys at work
It is fantastic to see and experience how much we can do if we put our hands together. We have really encouraged the men at Teen Challenge, Lekini. They are sending their warm greetings. Our positive response to their need means a lot to them, their families and friends.

We hope you will help us again in 2014 to support more of these small scale, practical projects. Together we can shine our light in all corners of Europe!

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