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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Men's group stepping up for Teen Challenge Czech

Men's monastery retreat
A few weeks ago we received an email from a men's group in Dordrecht. They wanted to take up an offering for Traveling Light during their annual retreat weekend. They were looking for a practical project.

In that same week we received an email from Teen Challenge Czech Republic, asking us whether we could help with financing a generator, batteries and heater for their mobile coffee bus. Could there be a better and more suitable project for a men's group, or what?

The mobile contact center
Last year we helped Teen Challenge Czech with the purchase of a bus, a mobile contact center, for street outreach purposes. It is being used to reach the homeless, addicted and prostitutes of Brno and Prague.

The outreach team of Teen Challenge takes the mobile contact center into the streets several times a week. They park at designated places and hand out soup and coffee, trying to establish contact with the hope- and helpless. 

Reaching the hopeless where they are
Winters are cold in Czech, so they have to run the engine for hours at the time to keep the heater going. That is not a good situation, so they want to purchase a generator, some extra batteries, maybe a heater and anything else needed to stay in operation.

During the weekend retreat (in an old monastery) the men collected the awesome amount of 2520 euro for this project!

Fantastic, we are so thankful for their generosity. What a great thing to do. On behalf of Teen Challenge Czech we want to say thank you for your gifts. The money has been transferred and as soon as we have some pictures of the new generator in operation, we will post it on this blog or on our Traveling Light Facebook page.

Thank you men!
We truly hope this story will be an inspiration for other groups/churches/organisations.

Are you looking for a project to sponsor... a practical, small-scale project maybe? Don't hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to match your offer with a current need.

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