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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

NLdoet, volunteers day in The Netherlands

Where would we be without volunteers?
This past Saturday we participated with some of our volunteers in NLdoet. This is an annual event organized by the Orange Foundation and thousands of organisations in the Netherlands. NLdoet is the biggest volunteer event of the year.

NLdoet wants to put volunteer work in the spot light and encourages every citizen of Holland to come into action. We at Traveling Light are active all over Europe, but this weekend we decided it would be good to shine our light in our own home town :)

At nine in the morning we were escorted to the location where we were going to prune and cut some willow trees, in order to help the Nature- and birdwatch Alblasserwaard. This was nothing but HARD WORK. The branches we had to cut and saw off were huge, and it took a lot of effort and power to move the branches to designated areas where a truck came to pick 'm up. It was very good and useful to come and work together like this!

And, as promised, the year report 2013 is available online. Sorry, it is only available in Dutch, but maybe you can run Google Translate over it :) It is just so awesome to see how many projects we were able to sponsor and how many countries we visited. The financial report shows that many, many gifts came in in this past year and that we were able to give away almost 50,000 euro to all kinds of small scale, locale projects throughout Europe and the Mediterranean area. A large chunk of it went to Teen Challenge centers.

Thank you very much! With your help 2014 will be a blessed year as well. Please, tell others about Traveling Light and keep sending your gifts.

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