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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Project Teen Challenge Tbilisi, Georgia

Over the past few years Traveling Light has established contacts, built friendships and supported projects in fifteen (!) nations. This fantastic growth and expansion has been made possible through your prayers and donations. Today we want to invite you to a new country on our list: Georgia.

Blair & Althea Greive
Georgia is situated at the frontier between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. So, whom have we connected with in that area? We are pleased to introduce Blair & Althea Greive. This dear couple has international roots: Blair was born in Australia and Althea in South Africa. We met Blair at a conference in Prague in 2013 and with Althea we had a great time at a conference in Italy, last April.

Together with their two sons they moved to Kazakhstan in 2003 where they worked at a Teen Challenge center home for years. After going back to Australia for a while they moved to Tbilisi, Georgia in 2013 where a new adventure started. They are running a rehab home for men with addictions and other life controlling problems.

It is always inspiring and encouraging to meet young people who are willing to settle in a country that is 'unknown' to them, and to offer a helping hand, to be a shining light...

Teen Challenge center Tbilisi, Georgia
Blair and Althea are already feeling at home in Tbilisi. They are thankful for the men they were able to help last year. It is very encouraging to see how men, through the love of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit, receive new life after many years of addiction, crime and homelessness. When they are reunited with their families it brings even more joy.

Blair and Althea recognize there is a huge need in this nation and they have a desire to expand their work. Giorgi, one of the guys that has graduated their program, wants to stay on as a worker. An extra helping hand means that more men can be welcomed in the rehab home.

The men's center
The work in Tbilisi is small scale and very direct: getting people off of the streets, sharing God's love with them, taking time to talk and pray, feeding and sheltering them. Helping people to be healed and restored. Such great work!

Traveling Light wants to encourage Blair & Althea to expand their work. A worker receives 300 Lari per month (124 euro). There are currently no funds to pay someone. We would love to help them and raise 2,200 euro which will make it possible to hire Giorgi for at least the next one and a half year. In this way we are investing in human lives, yes, even in the far corners of Europe. Will you join our effort?

PS: In a next blog post we will share Giorgi's story.

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