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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Offering practical help in Israel

Volunteering in the soup kitchen
Offering practical help, financial support and spiritual encouragement to ministries in need within Europe & the Mediterranean area... That's what it says on the website and weblogs of Traveling Light. let's call it threefold help :)

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Brian & Jan in orange :)
This past few weeks we were in Israel (also to take some vacation) and we were able to offer a helping hand in the soup kitchen of the Beit Asaph congregation in Netanya. It is always a joy to serve there.

Lunch with all the volunteers
You can check out the weblog of initiator Brian Slater if you want to keep an eye on what's going on there from week tot week. Each Monday it is a special time for the elderly and single mothers in Netanya as they gather for a good meal and clothes distribution. Brian is always looking for volunteers, especially on a long term basis.

Celebrating Polly's birthday
On Tuesdays there is dry food distribution in Netanya which is also being managed by Brian Slater. Again, volunteers show up each week to help bag the foods, hand it out to the recipients and pray for people when requested. Very rewarding work!

We also visited the women's shelter Ark in the Negev in Arad. There is always some technical work to do for Jan and we furthermore were able to encourage some people through prayer. We also celebrated the birthday of director Polly Sigulim together.

The situation in Israel is growing more and more vicious, so please keep praying that God's plan will be revealed!

Video clip of the soup kitchen!

PS: The donations thermometer for our current project Bertine House in Ukraine has risen above 4,000 euro and we believe much more can (and needs to) come in for the women and children who had the flee the war in Donetsk.

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