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Saturday, December 27, 2014

December projects

Rehab home Berdychiv
Thanks to your fantastic response and generous gifts we were able to bless many people this December month. Read along:

The offering during the Christmas Eve service in our Church De Hoeksteen was held for our project Coffee house and Rehab homes Berdychiv in the Ukraine. We are happy to announce that we have been able to give a total donation of 3,000 euro towards the work among the addicts, homeless, prostitutes, lonely and elderly in Berdychiv.

Months away from home
We were able to sponsor Guus and Annemiek Peters with a gift for 70 Christmas goodie bags for the sailors in the ports of Belgium. Guus writes: "I had many good talks with the sailors during the distribution of the Christmas goodie bags. One in particular was with Sujith, a Hindu from india. he told me that he became a father 4 months ago and that he had not seen his daughter yet, because he has been on board of his ship for six months...
I told him dat I know someone Who did send His Son to us and then did not see Him for 33 years. The only contact between tehm was through prayer. Sujith asked me to explain more and I could share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with him. I always find it so precious that I can do this, making use of a sailor's story. There is always something in the Bible to connect his story with. Sujith was very happy with the New Testament in his own Hindi language. Thank you very much for your help!"

Beit Hallel
We also received a thank you note of Voice of Judah Ministries in Ashdod, Israel. We were able to sponsor the work of Messianic congregation Beit Hallel with a gift. "Shalom!!! Confirming we have received your wire for 1,000 EUR. Thank you for your generous gift! Many Blessings." 

What a great way to end another blessed year! Thank you so much for your faithful, surprising, periodic, one-time, general, specific, small, large, lovely and special donations.

As we are meditating on Gods blessings in this previous year, we are at the same time looking forward to a new year. We already have several practical new projects lined up:

  • Plastic for green houses Teen Challenge, Serbia
  • Tractor parts for Communita Brezzano, Italy
  • Repairs Coffee House Teen Challenge, Belgium
  • Shelter for young girls in Moldava

We are looking forward to co-laboring with you all again. Please tell others about Traveling Light.

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