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Friday, March 27, 2015

Greetings from Moldova

Charlotte & Johannes Petersen
With spring right around the corner we do not want to think about ice skating anymore. Yet, it is good to look back to the Weissensee sponsor event one more time

The final result was fantastic! 6,000 euro came in for the completion of a shelter for girls and young women in Moldova, who are being rescued from human trafficking.

The construction of the shelter is an initiative of Johannes and Charlotte Petersen, a couple from Denmark who have been living and working among the poor in Moldova for twenty years. They have set up a Teen Challenge rehabilitation center, children's work and activities, a church and they offer humanitarian help. You can visit their website www.pilgrims.mono.net and find out all about their work among the poorest people in Europe.

Church planting is also part of the work
Traveling Light would like to thank all sponsors, businesses and organizations for their support: the response to this plea for help was heart warming. Not too long ago we were surprised by another gift form Christian book store De Bouwsteen in Bleskensgraaf which raised the funds to a final 6,000 euro. The money will be used for the completion of the shelter. Johannes and Charlotte wrote:

"Thank you for your fantastic initiative… you just came in like that, as an answer to prayer. The money will cover a lot of ground in the reconstruction of the house for the girls.... The last frost is leaving and we will now get on with the job of finishing the repairs.  We are so thankful to God for people like you who have made this effort and given so generously. Please give all our LOVExxx to the two brave skaters."

German film maker Markus Haist made a short documentary about The Shelter, which is the name of the house that will be opened. Click on the link to view the film and KNOW that your gifts made this project possible. Please, continue to pray for the girls.

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