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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Greetings from Berdychiv, Ukraine

With Sergey & Irina Romanenko
It is always fun to see what happens with the donations Traveling Light receives for certain projects.

It is not only fun, it is also important to hear and see that (y)our funds are being used purposely and effectively.

TV _ sound system
A few months back the offering during our Christmas Eve service at the Hoeksteen church brought in a nice sum, which we fully donated towards the work of pastor Sergey Romanenko among the homeless, addicted, poor and elderly people in the coffee and rehab homes in Berdychiv, Ukraine. With little means, this man accomplishes so much! His work is part of Teen Challenge Ukraine.

The new chickens
Last week  we were able to spend some time with him and his wife Irina at the Europe Teen Challenge conference in Poznan, Poland, which we all attended. They are sending their warmest greetings to all of you and much thanks for your help, support and prayers.

The December gift was used for the purchase of a television screen and sound system for the coffee house ministry in Berdychiv. They will use it to show Christian movies.

Preparations for new shed
They furthermore bought hundred chickens for the women's home. With the current war situation in the Ukraine and the constant rising of food prices, it is good to be autonomous as much as possible.

Therefore the money has also been used to lay a foundation for a new storage shed at the men's center and for the preparation of 1,5 hectares of land where potatoes and vegetables will be planted.

Welding set
They also purchased a welding set for the men's home, so the men in the rehabilitation program can do certain jobs and some can learn how to weld. They will begin with making a fence around the women's home, so the children can play in safety.

It is fantastic to see and hear how much can be done with such a gift! People are giving their lives to Jesus in the rehab homes and pastor Sergey has vision for opening more homes. We will certainly continue to stay in contact with him and offer help where we can. We hope you will join us to bring positive change to the Ukraine!

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