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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Project COW for Teen Challenge, Moldova

Teen Challenge rehab in Falesti
Earlier this year we were able to donate a good sum to wards the work of Johannes and Charlotte Petersen in Moldova and well specifically for the construction of the Shelter, a home for girls and women who have been rescued from human trafficking (update will follow).

Johannes and Charlotte have been living and working among the poorest in Moldova for over twenty years. They have started up children and youth educational programs, a church, humanitarian aid and also a Teen Challenge drugs- and alcohol rehabilitation center located in Falesti.
Jura with the Frysian cow

The daily leader of the center is Jura (see the photo on the right). Running a faith-based program means they depend partly on donations and partly on business opportunities. The goal is to become largely independent, for example by growing their own vegetables and fruits and by keeping animals.

Mini zoo :)
The Teen Challenge farm in Falesti currently has two milk cows (one Frysian), one young bull and two calves, the oldest milk cow being at retirement age. They furthermore have pigs, geese, ducks and chickens. Around the center lies approximately three hectares of land on which they have planted nut trees, berry trees, beans, tomatoes and alfalfa.

With the purchase of 1 or 2 new Frysian milk cows it will be possible to generate income (by selling the milk) which will help to run the center on a day to day basis. A good milk cow gives about forty liters of milk a day.

Home of restoration
Being a Holland-based organization, Traveling Light of course LOVES Frysian cows :) and we would love to help them buy at least 1 cow. The price for a Frysian is about 2,300 euro. Well, that should not be a problem, right?!

This is, yet again, another practical, small scale project that has a direct impact on the guys in the program.The work with animals and the keeping of a vegetable garden is part of the therapy and it prepares the guys for a healthy and productive life in society. God loves these men and so do we. Each life counts!

Please, send your donation  to St. Traveling Light, Papendrecht IBAN: NL91RABO0118582275 BIC: RABONL2U. Make sure to mention TC MOLDOVA COW. 

When in the USA, send your tax-deductible gift to Eastern Europe Outreach, make sure to mention TC MOLDOVA COW.

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