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Monday, October 12, 2015

News and activities

hard working crew in Berdychiv
Recently we were able to donate a good amount for the construction of a barn on the grounds of the Teen Challenge rehabilitation houses in Berdychiv, Ukraine.

Well, they didn't wait a single day to start their building project. Immediately materials were purchased and the men got to work. 

happy pastor Sergey Rmanenko
As in many Eastern European countries, the new barn is being built around the old barn. When all is finished, the old building will be demolished. During this construction time the existing space can still be used.

At Teen Challenge Winiarczykowka, Poland they are working hard as well. After many months of paperwork and bureaucracy finally a beginning has been made with the installation of the new water treatment system.

Arrival of the new tank
In early September we were visiting Janusz & Bogusia Górnicki in Poland and they showed us the piles of paperwork they had to go through before they received the license for the new plant.

The new system is very modern and will save them money on a monthly basis. Money that is now being spent on draining the old system.

residents and staff at Winiarczykowka
This Friday October 16 we will come together again for our monthly Prayer for the Nations. During these evenings we proclaim God's word on the countries of Europe and the Mediterranean. Especially now with the refugee situation is good to come together, listen to God's voice and pray!

Maybe you cannot be with us in person, but we are calling for churches, ministries, organizations and families to do the same. Join us in prayer for the nations as the Spirit leads you!

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Mara Kreukniet from Sliedrecht was one of our first donors. Back in 2011 she came up with a cup cake fundraiser for the benefit of Traveling Light.

Mara in her museum
Recently she opened a small museum in the pantry of her parents' home with the theme "then and now." The entry fee for all friends, family members and neighbors was 50 cents and she decided to give all proceeds to Traveling Light. Well, such lovely people and creative ideas make us very happy! Thanks Mara!

For your agenda: our first winter fair 2015 which we want to organize on Saturday, December 12th. It will be an afternoon for donors and other interested parties with campfire, hot apple pie, coffee, Christmas market with fun stuff, workshops, pea soup ... too much to mention. Keep an eye on this blog and our FB page for more information.

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