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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Report Weissensee 2016 for Kazakhstan

"Well done skaters!"  Thanksgiving from Kazakhstan
We can look back on a very successful Weissensee event. Despite the moderate temperatures (which made the ice really soft) and lots of water on the natural ice (which made the cracks invisible), our skaters have performed very well during the Alternative Elfsteden race in Austria.

Krijn Donk finished the 200 km in a spectacular time of 7:43 hours. Henk Swijnenburg made excellent time as well, 9:33 hours. Unfortunately, they were not able to set new personal records.

Henk Vlot arrived at the finish line after a grueling 10:57 hours. For him it was a new personal record, because last time he had to quit the race after 140 km.

Henk S., Krijn and Henk V. on the Weissensee

With their athletic activities these men brought in 4,500 euro. All proceeds will benefit the renovation and installation of a kitchen in the Teen Challenge juvenile home in Kazakhstan.

Of course they were thrilled in Almaty with the outcome of this fundraiser and on their behalf we want to say thank you to the skaters, supporters and members of our local press for their efforts. Great to see how many enthusiastic and heart-warming responses came in.

We (Jan and Marja) hope to schedule a visit to Kazakhstan soon. It is still pretty much winter over there, a good time for them to make plans for the upcoming renovations!

Happy faces thanks to your efforts and donations
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Further news:
  • The amount for project teacher Teen Challenge in Slovakia came in. Thank you very much.
  • Our 2015 year report will be posted on our website soon.
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