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Friday, January 27, 2017

Visiting Teen Challenge in Copenhagen, Denmark

Allan & Pernilla Frederiksen
Last weekend we (Jan and Marja) were visiting Teen Challenge in Copenhagen, Denmark upon invitation. In September 2016 Teen Challenge Denmark celebrated her 40th anniversary.

They have a rehabilitation center (Betesda) in Jutland for men and women with addiction problems. In addition there are several coffee houses and street evangelism projects across the country as well as youth prevention work in Roskilde.

Denmark is, like the Netherlands, a rich western country, but that does not mean there are no problems. In Copenhagen, we were introduced to a growing number of homeless, drug addicts, prostitutes, refugees and displaced persons. Such pain in the streets ...

Street work in Copenhagen
Allan & Pernilla Frederiksen work for Teen Challenge with an enthusiastic team of volunteers. Pernilla manages the 2nd-hand shop Cirkelines Æske, a successful store in children's clothing. The revenue goes towards the rehabilitation center, but also to Teen Challenge centers in other countries. Giving makes rich!

Allan hits the streets on certain weekdays with students and volunteers. They offer coffee and sandwiches to the homeless and drug addicts and have conversations with them. They often hand out invitations to coffee house Klippen. This is a place where they can come several times a week to warm up, eat and drink a cup of coffee.

After dinner there is time to sing a few songs and to listen to a short message from God's Word. Over the years many people have made the decision to go to the rehab center where they received hope for a new life and came to know the love of God.

Sharing an encouraging message with volunteers in Klippen
It is not only financial support Traveling Light offers, but certainly also spiritual encouragement. It means we come to visit with encouraging words, we pray with people and we  listen to their stories.

Over the weekend we were guests at the annual volunteer party where Jan shared his testimony. We were also asked to share an encouraging message with the volunteers at Klippen. Jan went with Allan to the streets and on Monday night we were guests at the coffeehouse where we had interesting conversations with visitors and were able to pray with some of them.

Jan talked about John 3:17: God did not send his Son into the world to condemn it, but to save the world through him ... and as the Father sent Him, He sends us. How good to see that even in the darkest streets of Copenhagen God's love is revealed.

Be Free youth prevention work at Roskilde skate park
We furthermore visited a skate park in Roskilde. Teen Challenge has a meeting place in that location where some 60 young people come every week to chill and hang out together. Be Free is a fascinating project!

We believe that God has not forgotten Europe. We see His heart at work through people, in all countries, cities and neighborhoods. Everyone can join in by making a contribution towards that work. Donations are always welcome at IBAN: NL91RABO0118582275 BIC: RABONL2U St. Traveling Light in Papendrecht. Because of the connections and network we have, we can ensure that the money ends up for the designated project.

Project Cross and the switchblade Albania is still open, we have almost raised 3,000 euro.
Weissensee 2017 for Teen Challenge Georgia is also in full swing, we have already received more than 4,000 euro in pledges.

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