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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Europe Teen Challenge Conference 2011

We have a heart for the ministry of Teen Challenge and many of our international contacts came as a result of our involvement as volunteers with this organisation. Every year Europe Teen Challenge hosts an international conference, where staff, students and volunteers come together for a few days. For us it is a great way to meet people, to talk and listen and find out what the needs are in the centers throughout Europe. Is is our desire to visit some of the centers in the coming months and see how we can offer help and encouragement.
This year the conference is being held in Gdansk, Poland. We flew form Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam where we met with the directors of Teen Challenge Holland. It turned out we had booked the same flight! How awesome is that? We had not seen each other since last summer, when we volunteered at the center in Holland, so there was plenty to talk about over coffee at the airport and during the flight.


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Marja -

Blessings on the new ministry venture!

I remember when David Wilkerson came to NY and started Teen Challenge. Both he and the Teen Challenge Choir visited our church a number of times. They've helped so many people.

Susan :)

Traveling Light said...

Hi Susan, it started in NY indeed, more than 52 years ago, can you believe that? And now it is all over the world!
Thanks for your visit, bless you!