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Thursday, April 7, 2011

We signed the papers...

This morning we signed the official papers that make Traveling Light a registered non-profit here in Holland! Now, we can move on the next step, which is the opening of a bank account at Rabobank, Papendrecht and apply for a ANBI status with the federal tax department. ANBI is what 501(c) is in the USA.
In the meantime we are still working on this blog (as well as on a Dutch version) and an official website. We'll keep you posted!


Karen Lange said...

Sounds exciting! Wish you all the best!

wyn said...

Congratulations Marja!

Every success and many blessings on your new pathway.
Isnt it wonderful how God keeps tapping us on the shoulder till we run with His ideas!
love, Wyn

Traveling Light said...

Thanks Karen and Wyn, we are exited about this new adventure too! We will see where it will lead us...