Friday, May 6, 2011

Back from Germany

Oh happy day...
A great blessing for all!
As we mentioned in our previous post, we got on the BMW bike and rode to Ludwigslust, Germany last weekend. Pastor Gerhard from Fels in der Brandung had organized a weekend conference. The theme was the Kingdom of God. We can all look back at a great and useful weekend! The teaching and work shops we gave were received with gladness and interest and it really helped many people to understand the Kingdom better as well as the role we have as believers! Saturday night we all practiced what we had learned: to allow the Holy Spirit to work through us. Some people received healing, others words of knowledge and wisdom! It was a great blessing, thanks also the the awesome music of Chris and Hendrik! Wow, can these men play, or what!!

Great home made food!
It was great to see old friends and make new ones! We met so many kind and loving people. The church is small (about 40 or 50 people came) so we were able to share our meals together in a tent that was set up for that reason. This was awesome, because it gave us the chance to talk with many people. There was also time reserved to wander around the beautiful castle and gardens in Ludwigslust.

Small churches in this part of Germany often have a difficult time, they experience resistance and criticism. Pastor Gerhard's church burned down a few years ago as a result of neo-nazi's throwing molotov cocktails inside; since 2008 the services are being held in an industrial building. Pastor Gerhard always helps troubled youth and allows them to do their community service at his church/office. Many lives have been changed here!

Ludwigslust is beautiful
We were also happy to receive invitations to do Kingdom Conferences in Sweden and other places in Germany! This way we get to travel and shine our light in different places. Offering spiritual encouragement through sound Biblical teaching and prayer is certainly one of our goals! The first weekend of June we will be traveling to North Eastern Germany again, we will give some work shops at another conference in Kuckuck, Prignitz.

PS: A quick update on our Ukraine project, the donation thermometer has risen to 2000 euro's here in Holland!!! That is awesome. For those in the USA who desire to support this project, you can give your tax deductible gift here! Offering financial support is one of our goals too! We believe it can be done!

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