Monday, May 30, 2011

Open House Teen Challenge, Groningen

Spetse Hoeve
Saturday May 28th 2011, we headed to the most North Eastern part of Holland, to visit De Spetse Hoeve, a residential drugs and alcohol rehabilitation program under the flag of Teen Challenge Netherlands. De Spetse Hoeve is a very old farm in the middle of the beautiful Dutch country side. Last summer we volunteered there on a regular basis to help out the new leadership.

Information about Ukraine project
Two family members who wanted to learn something more about the work of Teen Challenge came with us. We were welcomed by the smell of BBQ chicken and hamburgers :) We met many old friends and also some of the new men currently in the program. As everywhere else in the world Teen Challenge offers help, counseling and discipleship programs to (wo)men with addictions. The greatest surprise of that day was a big sign at the entrance that said (believe it or not): today's offering will go to the Onyfrievka project in Ukraine. "That is 'our' project" we exclaimed surprised. How wonderful that others have decided to help Sergey & Mariana in Ukraine to reach their next goal! We were so encouraged, together we will reach the 10.000 mark soon.

broken pieces at the cross
All visitors were invited to tour the farmhouse and the premises, where 7 men are currently following the 12 step program. With the help of faithful volunteers Teen Challenge built a new prayer house which was officially opened and dedicated on this day. The men were asked to lay down the broken pieces of their life at the cross, as you can see in the picture. It was an emotional moment for many, as one of the students had passed away recently, loosing his struggle with drugs but winning the one with God!

The day ended with a service in the barn, amidst the hay and farm equipment. Some men gave their testimonies, which is always the moment for us volunteers and supporters to be reminded why we have a love for this kind of work. Nothing is more awesome, nothing a bigger miracle than a changed life. The step from darkness into the light is only one small step, but the results are huge. From severe addictions to a life in freedom, thanks to Jesus Christ and the work of dedicated staff and volunteers. It is absolutely moving to be a witness of such power of God displayed among people.
happy family of God

There are many small projects in Europe and the Mediterranean Sea that deserve a helping hand, but sometimes we don't have to go that far. In our own country Holland we are blessed to have a Teen Challenge ministry that we can support and encourage. We can only pray the work will expand.

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