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Thursday, July 26, 2012

News & prayer

The guys at the men's center in Novi Sad, Serbia

Many people are enjoying a good vacation right now. Even in Holland the sun finally came through! Summer or not, the work at Traveling Light keeps going. We would like to share some refreshing news items with you:

  • Did you know that, apart from the gift of 4,500 euro, we donated more than 1,500 euro to Teen Challenge Serbia during the 2nd quarter of 2012 through our project Stepping up 4 Serbia. We recently received a long e-mail from Sasa Ivanovic, the director, here's a snippet: "Thank you for your gift of 4.500 Euro's, it came in last moment, but right moment (God is never late :)), so we could pay our heating and electricity bills. This was so important for TC Serbia ministry because there was great threat that our centers were cut off from heating and electricity and, of course, we wouldn't be able to continue this important ministry. I want to thank TRAVELING LIGHT and all good people and supporters who helped TC Serbia to continue its work and keep 21 boys and 9 girls who are currently in both of our centers, Men's and Women's, where they are receiving help, love and care, discipleship and training that hopefully one day they become Christ disciples who will be another Traveling light in country of Serbia sharing great message of the Gospel of Jesus..." Gifts are still pouring in for Serbia, so we will continue to support them on a monthly basis. Please pray for the staff and students there and for more support from churches, businesses and individuals in Serbia.
  • Did you know that we are receiving general gifts from Teen Challenge centers all over Europe? As you may remember at some point we helped Teen Challenge Slovenia with finances so they could buy a chainsaw. Now they can make some money chopping down trees. How awesome to see that they have blessed Traveling Light with a gift! This reminds us of the first believers in the book of Acts. They shared their belongings/income and if someone was in need they would help him. If you never invest your money in the lives of others, how are you going to get a return in due time??
  • Talking about money, did you know that we were able to give away nearly 20,000 euro in the first seven months of 2012? How wonderful is that?! Thank you very much for your generosity. Let's pray that more and more supporters will join our efforts.
  • We still need 120 euro for the dental work on Marjan's teeth (Teen Challenge Slovenia). If you want to see him smile, please give a small gift today.
  • We have a Facebook page, it is mainly in Dutch, because most of our supporters are in Holland (and that is changing rapidly!!), but if you hit the LIKE button we will make it a bi-langual page :)

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