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Monday, July 2, 2012

Visit to Serbia and Slovenia

Men from different Balkan countries, changed by God
As we have mentioned before on this blog, Traveling Light received an invitation from ICF (International Christian Fellowship) in Ljublijana, Slovenia, to attend a very special conference: the My Brother's Keeper Conference in Subotica, Serbia. About 350 men from all Balkan countries (former Yugoslavia) came together for Bible education which often results in reconciliation and forgiveness.

Once divided by war, now united by faith
Such a request is always a good reason for us to plan a short mission trip. So, Jan headed for Slovenia together with Steven Bakker (a youth leader from our church in Holland who has a great desire to get out of his seat). They stayed overnight at the Dennis Griffith House in Nova Vas. The next day they met with pastor Steve Telzerow and they left with a group of 27 people for Serbia. During the conference they witnessed a move of God as He broke down the walls, there were many tears of joy. A band of Christian Roma gypsies took care of the music during the conference, which was awesome!

After the conference Jan and Steven went back to Slovenia and stayed another two days in the men's home. They had lots of opportunities to further build friendships, to encourage the men, to pray with them and to soak up some much needed sunshine :) It is really encouraging for us to see that the center is very well maintained, the vegetable garden well watered and the men working hard. Their small moving business brings in some income that helps them pay for the rent of the house, which is a blessing!

Staff and students Teen Challenge Slovenia
On their way back to Holland Jan and Steven stopped by Teen Challenge Gutes Land in Germany. They always have a bed and some food ready for visitors. Jan had the opportunity to share the Word during the evening service and morning Bible study. It is always a joy to see the staff and students at Gutes Land and to encourage them.

Making personal visits and encouraging people in ministry to keep going, that is really the heart of our non profit. 


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