Monday, December 17, 2012

2,500 euro for Project Chapel Teen Challenge Slovakia

HOORAY! We have, again, a reason to throw a party. Well, as if December doesn't have enough parties :) In record time (one and a half week) you have donated 2,500 euro towards Project Chapel Teen Challenge, Slovakia.

We are amazed and without words. Well, sort of... (we gotta write this blog post, right?!) It is truly wonderful to receive such a heart warming response to our request for help. We received such kind emails and reactions from all over Europe concerning this project. Of course a project doesn't end with a gift, it's where it starts. From now on we will be in regular contact with the Teen Challenge team in Sered, so they can keep us updated on the building project and we can share stuff on this weblog. For now, the most practical thing to do, is praying that project chapel will not be hindered, by anything or anyone. And who knows we will be able to offer some more help in 2013.

Stanislav Kunak mailed us some more blueprints of the chapel. He wrote: "Sending you the final material for the chapel. Now we seek planning permission. If everything is okay, the start of construction is expected sometime in February or March 2013. I am very pleased with your interest in our work." Wow, spring time... that would be wonderful. He ended his email with: Thank you very much:)))))))))))))) I guess that needs no explanation.

Thank you all again for your faithful support and generosity. It is beyond our understanding what can be done when we pray and give each other a helping (financial) hand.

PS: For our next project we will go back to Onyfrievka, Oekraine.

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