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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Project Chapel Teen Challenge Slovakia

Each new project at Traveling Light starts with introducing the people (the initiators) behind it. The small scale projects that we support in various countries are local initiatives, started by local people. It is our goal to encourage them, whether that is financially, practically or spiritually. In this way each project gets a face, a story... This time we would like to take you to Slovakia.

The Kunak family
In this picture you'll see Stanislav Kunak and his family. From left to right: Bibiana (the oldest daughter), Sabina (the middle daughter), Nina (the youngest daughter) and Alica (his wife). Stanislav is the director of Teen Challenge Slovakia. Yes, thank God there is Bible based care (childcare and rehab) in Slovakia!

During our visit, last month, to Slovakia we were able to take a look behind the scenes of the work of Teen Challenge in that country. We visited the children's home Compass. Alica is in charge of this house where about sixteen children in the age of 12-18 are living. The children have various behavioral problems and are often there because of a court order. We also visited the men's home Restart. Currently about twelve men are living in this home where they will hear and experience the love Jesus has for them. During the one-year program they will learn how to live free from addictions with the help of the Holy Spirit. On the same property there is the after care home Progress. This is the place where men, who have successfully finished the program, can live in preparation for their return into society.

Drawing of the chapel
Recently they started a project called Chapel. They are planning to build a small-scale construction, which will be used by the men for prayer and worship. They also desire to use it for other spiritual activities and events in order to reach the people in the neighborhood. The chapel will be a beacon of light in the area...

Traveling Light loves to shine a light in dark places, also in Sered, Slovakia. The good thing about this project is that the men in the program will help to build this chapel, so it is a practical work project as well. We would like to help them by raising 2,500 euro which we will donate towards the building of this chapel. Will you help us too?

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