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Monday, January 21, 2013

6,000 euro for Project Fence Onyfrievka, Ukraine

Winter woodpile at Onyfrievka house

2013 has barely started and we already have lots of fun things (read: good news) to share with you. In the first place we are very happy and thankful that we are able to donate 6,000 euro towards Teen Challenge Ukraine, for project fence men's rehab home Onyfrievka.

It is absolutely awesome how fast the gifts for that project came in. We are planning to visit Ukraine later this spring. At the rate they have been working there, we will probably see the men's home open and we hope to take some new pictures then. For now: thank you so very much for your donations. This house will be a blessing for many men and their families, as they will find deliverance from their addictions, healing of their pains and an encounter with the love of Jesus.

Marathon ice skater Krijn Donk
In our previous blog post we wrote about Krijn Donk who is going to skate 200 km on the Weissensee in Austria. Up till now 575 euro has been pledged towards this marathon skating event. We would like to donate all proceeds of this fundraiser to pastor Sokrat and Lena Apostolovska. They have started a church in the Gypsy quarter of the city of Skopje, Macedonia. This is the largest Roma ghetto in the world! Last week we were there for a visit... well, we will write about that in a next post. Pastor Sokrat & Lena are doing a marvelous work among Gypsy children. They teach them reading and writing and tell them about Jesus. Through the kids they can reach out to the parents. We would love to support them in this work.

Besides our Extreme Ice Skating fundraiser, we want to announce our next project. Do you remember we raised money for Teen Challenge Czech Republic, for project Coffeebus? Well, buying and importing a second hand city bus was more complicated than we first expected. So, we all started looking for a minivan or motor home. In the meantime they received some more gifts towards this project and last week they were able to purchase a motor home which will be used as a mobile coffeehouse for outreach purposes. Hooray! Photo's will follow soon. Right now they are still in need of 1,500 euro for winter tires, logo's and adjustments to the interior. This will be a great follow-up project for Traveling Light. We have plans to visit Czech Republic in April, so we will be able to see the bus with our own eyes :)

Well, as you can see we have many plans and projects. We just came back from a vision trip to Macedonia. We will write more soon.

All gifts are welcome, please make sure to specify whether ICE SKATING, FOLLOW-UP COFFEE BUS or GENERAL
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