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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fun events

As promised a blog post about the fun events that some of our supporters organized during the last week of December. Events that brought in quite a sum of money for Project Fence Onyfrievka, Ukraine. We hope this will inspire you!

The Donk Family
On December 29th Krijn Donk celebrated his 50th birthday with a party for family and friends. He decided to place a collection bin for Traveling Light at the party. At the end of the evening they were able to donate 350 euro towards our project. Awesome, thank you very much.

Christian church De Hoeksteen in Etten-Leur (yes, yes, the church where they cut Jan's pony tail) decided to give their Christmas Eve collection to Traveling Light. They donated 850 euro towards our project for Teen Challenge Ukraine. Thank you so very much.
The Stehouwer Family

Krijn was not the only one celebrating a birthday. Arjan Stehouwer and his brother Chris Stehouwer celebrated their birthdays with an outdoor winter garden party. They also placed a collection bin for all to see, we received 488 euro towards the Onyfrievka project. Wow, what a great idea guys, thank you very much. Here's a cute picture of Arjan and his family. Chris is way too handsome to put on a blog, and besides that.. he's dating someone :)

We also received a beautiful Christmas card from our long time Californian friends, better known as the Biddle family. They emptied their pockets right before Christmas and surprised us with 300 dollars towards this project. You should have seen our faces when we opened the envelop. Thank you dear ones!

These are just some of the fun ways people have come up with in order to help us fund raise. We are happy and thankful of course with ANY gift that comes in, no matter how, whether it is 5 or 500 euro. We might as well put you all in the spot light :)

It is our goal to keep our overhead costs as low as possible, also in 2013, so your donations will actually go to the projects. In 2012 we were able to donate more than 30.000 euro and the cost for international banking was 212 euro. All other expenses and costs were paid out of private funds. 

All right, enough about numbers and money. It's all about having a generous attitude and joyful giving, which will bless everyone involved. That is our prayer for you in 2013: May the Lord bless you abundantly.

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