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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Photo project passenger van Spetse Hoeve

We owe you a picture of the passenger van that men's rehabilitation center the Spetse Hoeve  (Teen Challenge Netherlands) purchased, thanks to your generous donations. Here it is!

Last year we raised 3,500 euro for project passenger van the Spetse Hoeve in the Netherlands. At first we started looking for a nine passenger van, but the prices were simply not within the budget. Finally they decided on this seven passenger Volkswagen in mint condition. A beauty, isn't it?

The goal of Teen Challenge Netherlands is to win people (not just addicts) for Jesus Christ and to help them to integrate with a local church. This goal is four-part:
  • Reaching un-churched youth with the gospel
  • Reaching people with life controlling problems (such as addictions)
  • Reaching people where they are; building bridges between the street life and the churches
  • Discipling (young) people in their desire to follow Jesus
Teen Challenge Netherlands has a men's rehabilitation home, the Spetse Hoeve, in Veerleveen  (Groningen) that offers space for 15 students/clients. Currently there are plans to open a women's home in the province of North-Holland.

On June 15th there will be another Open House at the Spetse Hoeve. So, if you are living not too far from there, you're very welcome to come and have a look at the work of Teen Challenge Netherlands.

If you know of any people struggling with addiction or having a desire to start youth ministry in their church, please send them the link to the Teen Challenge website. It contains a huge amount of information.

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