Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Photo's project playground Tetovo, Macedonia

Material and man power
Traveling Light loves to sponsor small scale projects. We believe and know that with relatively little money effective and useful work can be done. The projects are well defined, the responsibility manageable and there is no overhead; all money goes to the projects. That is exactly what supporters need to hear, right?

Jordan looking so happy and proud
This past week a group of volunteers worked very hard to set up a playground in the city of Tetovo, Macedonia. We were able to help them with a gift of 1,000 euro. Jordan Stoilov initiated this project and he hopes that this kind of practical work will help in building better relationships with the inhabitants of the city. The majority of the people are Muslims of Albanian descent. The unemployment rate is sky high and the overall mood is grim. He shines his light!

The children can't wait
The photo's clearly show that the kids in the neighborhood could hardly wait for the playground to be finished. They hung around all day waiting for the guys to finish. At the Facebook page of The Bridge (the coffee house that Jordan opened last year) you can find many more photo's. Besides the establishing of a playground the team also renovated the steps that lead up to the bridge over the river. So, this part of town is going to look nicer and nicer.

This is being noticed by inhabitants as well as the city council. Please pray with us for more open doors for Jordan to do his outreach work.
Next month Jan and one of our volunteers (Krijn Donk) will fly to Macedonia for a few days, they will certainly visit Jordan.

Repairing the steps to the bridge
Thank you very much for your gifts. It is awesome to see how fast this project became a reality. If you know any people, churches or businesses who would like to sponsor projects like this, please tell them about Traveling Light... we are always welcoming new supporters.

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