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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Project sponsoring annual Teen Challenge conference, Ukraine

The 500 euro for project Code Red in Amsterdam is almost in, so we want to share our next project with you.

Like last year (remember when Jan cut his pony tail and we raised 2,500 euro?) we would love to sponsor the annual Teen Challenge conference in the Ukraine, which will be held in Kiev, August 22-24, 2013. Maybe it is a good idea to share a little bit about the why's and how's of such a conference.

Working with the poor, homeless and addicted is not a regular job and certainly not an easy job. But, none the less a job with great rewards. Many people who are working and volunteering in this field in Ukraine have a similar background; they were either homeless, addicted, poor or somehow lost in hopelessness. But, no matter how passionate and dedicated they are, there will always be times of discouragement and trouble. Attending training seminars and conferences is a must in order to stay fresh and inspired.

Prayer during the 2012 conference
The theme for the upcoming conference is Freedom in Christ and the main speakers are Stephan Barendse (director of Teen Challenge Netherlands) and yours truly (Jan and Marja Verschoor-Meijers). They are expecting people from all over Ukraine and probably also from surrounding countries like Kazakhstan, Georgia and Belarus. We will share practical Bible based lessons on freedom. What is Biblical freedom and most of all, how do we maintain our freedom? We will cover all area's of life: mental soundness, emotional balance, social adjustment, physical wellness and spiritual growth.

Happy and thankful faces at the 2012 conference
Sometimes we take it for granted that we have an abundance in spiritual education, conferences, seminars, books, teachings, studies... you name it. There are still many countries where they crave the spiritual abundance we have. We are happy to be able to share of that abundance with the people in Ukraine.

It costs about 35 euro's for a person to attend this conference. Many workers / volunteers do not have sufficient finances to pay for this or they need the money for travel (as many will come from far away). If you desire to sponsor someone to come to this conference, you can do so by giving a donation of 35 euro (any other amount is welcome too!). We hope to be able to pay for at least 30 people, which means we need about 1,000 euro. What do you think, can we do it?
(If you're in the USA and want to donate, you can do so here, make sure to mention UKRAINE.)

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