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Monday, August 5, 2013

Project tractor lawn mower Spetse Hoeve, Netherlands

Isn't it a beauty?
A little while back we received a request from the Teen Challenge men's home The Spetse Hoeve in Veelerveen, here in The Netherlands. They asked whether we could help them to find a good tractor lawn mower. They have a lot of grass around the men's rehabilitation home which they've been mowing by hand. It's time for a professional upgrade.

We asked one of our neighbors if he was willing to sell his Husqvarna tractor mower, which he hardly ever used. The new price was around 3,500 euro, but he agreed to sell it for 1,000 euro to help Teen Challenge. Wow. Great deal!

Two volunteers from the Spetse Hoeve came to pick it up and they're using it every day around the men's center. So, it's up to us to raise the 1,000 euro needed to pay for this machine. The men at the Spetse Hoeve are very happy with their new machine... so, we're happy too:)

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