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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Photo's project Onyfrievka, Ukraine

Onyfrievka home and fence
We just came back from a visit to the Ukraine. We had an incredible week, we could write a book about everything we experienced. It was a very useful, encouraging and blessed trip, in every way.

We were invited to speak at the annual Teen Challenge conference, we visited the Coffee House in Kiev and made a trip to Onyfrievka, the place of our very first project, the establishing of a residential rehabilitation home. Do you remember?

Residents and workers at Onyfrievka house
In the summer of 2011 we raised 10,000 euro which was enough for pastor Aleksander Fedorov (from Church of the living God in Onyfrievka) to purchase a building where they wanted to start a rehabilitation home for people with life controlling problems. At the beginning of this year we donated another 6,000 euro for the construction of a fence around the whole property. On the property is a children's home, a rehab home and several other buildings. Last week we were able to see everything with our very own eyes.

We were given a tour
The home is not completely finished, but it houses several men and women already that are well on their way to start a new life. The children's home was already there, which is also being managed by the church of pastor Aleksander Fedorov. At the moment sixteen children are living there. The church will try to find families in the Ukraine who want to adopt these children. One of the ladies in the rehab center has her child close by, in this house, which is a huge relief for her and makes her time in the program a little easier.

Nap time in the children's home
The rehab home and the children's house are looking great, and the fence is perfect, very good quality. It provides protection for everyone in the center and children's home. It is so wonderful to see how the donations of Traveling Light are being used, that makes us really happy. The gratefulness of the people who live and work in the home is overwhelming, it is beyond their understanding that help came all the way from Holland. All these happy faces and changed lives... that is why we do what we do!

We would love to help them again in the near future.

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