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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Expanding our network in Israel

Always finding something to repair
As we wrote in our previous post, we celebrated our vacation in Israel. We have used some of our time there to visit several people and programs on behalf of Traveling Light.

We visited the Teen Challenge women's home in the south. Jan was able to do some practical (read: technical) work at Polly's home, who is the director of the program: fixing the washing machine, fixing faucets, repairing the shutters etc. We were happy to be able to do something in return of her hospitality.

The two Mondays we were in Israel we volunteered in the soup kitchen and clothes distribution center in Netanya. We worked with volunteers from all over the world as we served meals, handed out bread and clothes. We had the privilege of praying with an older Jewish lady who wanted peace in her heart. We explained to her that only Yeshua can give the peace that surpasses all understanding.

No baskets, but boxes full of bread
We also had a wonderful meeting with a Palestinian family in Jerusalem. What a loving couple! The man grew up in a Muslim family from East Jerusalem and his wife in an Arab Christian family from Bethlehem. They came to faith in Yeshua and talked about Him and the Word with such love and respect. Together they are blessed with five children.

For security reasons we will not post pictures or names, but please pray that the Lord will be their provider and protection. We will write some more about them in the near future.

With Brian Slater at Beit-Asaph in Netanya
We were also invited to visit a high-tech company that, besides many other products, makes audio players programmed with the Word of God. The little gadgets work on solar power and/or battery power. The spoken Word can go out in thousands of languages and dialects to people who cannot read, who are blind or those that find it difficult to read. We will write some more about this in the future. We are very glad with all the new connections we made, we truly believe that the Lord sets them up!

Good news: we only need 975 euro to reach the goal for our current project heater Teen Challenge Poland. Who wants to help us with this last portion?

PS: Are you working at a Teen Challenge center somewhere in Europe and do you have a need? Please, consider giving a gift to help TC Poland, it will set the wheels in motion for your ministry as well!

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