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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hair cuts for a cause

René van Alphen
What in the world is Traveling Light up to, this time? Haha, well, we like a joke and we like practical thinking and acting. Hair dresser René van Alpen (Rene Professional) loves to be practical as well, so it's no wonder we get along pretty good!

Do you remember how René (from hair salon Acoli Elite in Breda) cut off Jan's ponytail last year, and how that raised 2,500 euro for the sponsoring of the annual Teen Challenge conference in the Ukraine? That was a great fundraiser.

This time René had another idea. He donated five heads for the salon in the Ark in the Negev, the women's home of Teen Challenge in Israel.

Polly, director of the Ark
The salon is being managed by volunteers. They teach the women in the program (who often lived on the streets for a long time) how to be a hair dresser. The heads they use for practicing purposes are quite expensive, so we were happy to take the heads René donated and bring 'm to Israel on our current trip over there.

Polly, the director of the Ark, was pleasantly surprised, as you can see in the picture. She placed the heads (for a while, at least) on the jewelry table... Jewelry made by volunteers and ladies in the program. Sales help to keep the house open.
We have an idea to help Polly with the jewelry, so keep an eye on this blog.

One of the volunteers currently working in the Ark is Pia Bakker from The Netherlands. She did a DTS training at YWAM and is now volunteering for three months in Israel.
Showing off the new heads

She offered to cut Jan's hair and while doing so she explained everything she did to one of the women in the program. Pia did her work with much love and passion. We just LOVE to see that in young people!

It is really an encouragement for us to see a young girl like Pia stepping out in faith and offering her time and talents as a volunteer, towards women who have been living a hard life on the streets.

Volunteer Pia Bakker
Well, it is clear that offering practical help can be very rewarding and fun. We get to meet interesting people and we can always find a way to encourage them!

Personal attention, small scale projects, direct help, building relationships... these are all key words that describe the ministry of Traveling Light.

We are currently fundraising for our project heater Teen Challenge Poland. The new heater will keep the men's rehabilitation center in Lekini warm during winter!
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