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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Project children's clothes Syria

Syrian children
The year is almost over, but we would like to highlight a special project that we are running in the Netherlands right now. It is the collection of clothing for children in Syria.

We don't need to explain how terrible the situation in that country and in the various refugee camps is. We came in contact with Adnan Khayat, who was born in Syria. He rented a 20 ft container that needs to be filled up with clothes, shoes, jackets, children's clothes. sleeping bags, blankets, diapers, toys etc. As soon as the container is filled he will ship it to Syria. He will then fly to the area and, with the help of friends and family who are living there, distribute everything.

Adnan Khayat
It is getting really cold in Syria and the surrounding countries and Adnan really hopes to get the container filled before the end of the year, so he can ship it as soon as possible. This is very direct, practical help. We certainly want to encourage and help him in his efforts. All clothing is welcome, but we mostly need children's winter clothing and shoes.

We have asked our supporters in Holland to check their closets, garages and attics in search for clothing. Although this specific project is for our local supporters only, there might be some things you can do in your country. Ask around, ask your church, go online, find ways to help the people in Syria. If you cannot find anything, organize it!

Let your light shine!

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