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Monday, December 30, 2013

Year end gift for coffeehouse in Tetovo, Macedonia

Jordan & Vesna
Do you remember Jordan Stoilov? In 2013 we visited him twice in his coffeehouse The Bridge, a meeting place in the center of Tetovo, Macedonia. Visitors are welcome to sip coffee, read books, join a Bible study or just talk. The population in Tetovo is predominantly from Albanian descent and about 83% of the people are Muslim. 

Years ago Jordan was addicted to heroin, but he entered the Teen Challenge program where he learned that God loved him and had a better plan for his life. He started a new life and later went to Bible school at YWAM.

He is happily married now with Vesna and together they have a son: Jakov. Jordan wants to let his light shine in his city and reach people who do not know the love of God.

At coffee house The Bridge
Traveling Light was among those who helped him financially to set up a play ground for children in the neighborhood. Because of this play ground he has been able to establish good relationships with the parents of these children. Since last September a group of Albanese men is visiting the coffee house regularly. Two of them are interested to learn more about God and the Bible, the others not so much. But, all of them want to learn English! That is a great way to build friendships and to get to know these men better.

Last year's shoe box event 
We recently received a special gift of 1,000 euro that we would like to donate towards his work in coffee house The Bridge. Jordan wants to purchase a laptop/computer that can be used to follow English lessons online. Other visitors will also be able to use the internet. He furthermore needs some supplies, such as cups, books, playing games, reading material etc. Next month he will also hand out 200 shoe boxes with toys in two kinder gardens in Tetovo. This is a great way to connect with parents and workers in the kinder gardens. 

In February we hope to visit Macedonia again and we will certainly go and see Jordan.

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