Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Jewels of the Ark

In many countries the Teen Challenge rehabilitation centers for people with life-controlling problems (such as drugs- and alcohol addiction) run small businesses in order to generate some income for daily living. The small businesses are work projects where the students can practice their skills and develop their talents. In Slovenia they have a moving business, in Serbia green houses with tomatoes, in Slovakia they breed dogs and in the women's home in Israel they make jewelry.

This creative work project is called Jewels of the Ark.

Students (as we call the men and women in the programs) often stay for a year (or longer) and participate in Bible studies, group counseling sessions and individual counseling. Each center has a weekly schedule showing who will do the cooking, the dishes, the cleaning and the gardening. In the afternoon there is time to participate in the work projects. Yes, it is community living, and that is not always easy. Especially when people were used to doing their own thing (no rules, no boundaries) for a long time.

A few months ago we announced project jewelry from Israel. For a gift of 50 euro or more supporters of Traveling Light received a beautiful necklace made by the women and volunteers in rehabilitation home Ark in the Negev. Recently we were able to donate 550 euro towards the home and... we still have some necklaces in stock.

Jewels of the Ark now has a great Facebook page where you can view their jewelry. It is possible to order a necklace through their FB page or the website. This is a great way to support the work among the desperate women in Israel. They are learning the craft of jewelry making and from the sales the day-to-day living expenses in the house can be paid. This gives them all a healthy feeling of confidence.

The wonderful thing about the Ark is, that all Israeli's are welcome, whether Jew or Arab! Let us pray for this small scale work and for peace in the hearts of all people in Israel.

Donations we receive for Israel will go to Ark in the Negev, unless otherwise specified, for example Brian Slater or Beit Hallel.

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