Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Photo's port of Gent, Belgium

Haha, he who has ears...
A few weeks ago we announced project fruit & vegetables for sailors.

Seafarer's Evangelist Guus Peters asked Traveling Light to come alongside with financial help, so that he could buy fresh food for the Ukrainian sailors aboard two sea ships that are being held in the port of Gent, Belgium, for several months now.

Your reactions came in fast and they were heartwarming. We were able to help Guus with a gift of 870 euro!

Happy faces
Guus visits the port of Gent and the sailors a few times a week now, to bring fresh fruit & vegetables. A 82 year old man from his town came with a few boxes of groceries as well. Isn't if wonderful to see how people come into action? In the meantime the kitchen area is overflowing with good food!

In the pictures (click for a larger picture) you can see how happy the men are with this help. And we are happy with our supporters. Small scale, practical help, quick action, direct contact... that works best.

Abundance on board
Let us pray the sailors will be allowed to set sail soon and return to their families. The situation in the Ukraine is very unstable and dangerous, and they long to be with their families.

Thank you very much everyone!

  • We received about 1,000 euro for project study grant Andrii Soloviov. If you still want to send in your gift, you can do so to St. Traveling Light, Papendrecht IBAN: NL91RABO0118582275 BIC: RABONL2
  • We owe you a few pictures from the trip our church youth made to La Rocca, Italy
  • From September 1-8 we are organizing a work week to Casa Shalom in Tuscany. There is still room, so if you want to come: email us.
  • For a next project we will go to Serbia again.

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