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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Greetings from Berdychiv, Ukraine

Visit to women's home Simcha
At the beginning of this month our friends Henk & Adrie Swijnenburg (yep, the ones from the Weissensee fundraiser) went to Ukraine to visit some friends. We had asked them whether they could go and visit pastor Sergey Romanenko, if their schedule allowed this.

This past December the offering during our Christmas Eve service at the Hoeksteen church brought in a nice sum, which we fully donated towards the work of pastor Sergey among the homeless, addicted, poor and elderly people in the coffee and rehab homes in Berdychiv. With little means, this man accomplishes so much!

Look what a beautiful kitchen!
See here some pictures of our friends' visit. Pastor Sergey showed them around in the women's home which they opened up last year. The purchase of this house was also possible because of a financial gift Traveling Light sent their way. Do you remember the photo's of the house before anyone lived there? Well, it has had a good make-over!

home make-over
It is wonderful to see how our financial gifts have been used for the renovation of the house where women (and their children) can now live in safety. They have chickens, pigs and cows, so the women have their own supply of eggs, milk and meat. They even have a dog to guard the house!

pastor Sergey shows the office
Then our friends went on to see the men's rehab home. As in the other home, it was the pure simplicity that touched their hearts the most... to do such great work with little resources is something to be admired. Men are coming to faith in Jesus Christ, sometimes after years of struggling with addictions and violent behavior and a lonely life on the streets. Here, they can live and work and learn how to live a 'normal' life.

Dorm in the men's home
Pastor Sergey is a passionate man with a big heart and someone who knows the life... he was addicted to drugs in the past. Now, he has given his life to rescue people from death, forever! We are very happy and grateful that we can help him with financial support. Besides that, we are convinced that our friends' visit has been an encouragement to him and his team as well.

Please, pray for pastor Sergey and his work in Berdychiv.

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