Tuesday, January 6, 2015


House of Prayer in Berlin
We wish you all a blessed 2015.

We are very thankful that Traveling Light was able to let her light shine in Potsdam and Berlin, Germany, during the New Year's weekend. A visit that certainly fits the description 'spiritual encouragement'.

From December 31 until January 4th we were invited to come to the Nehemia Gemeinde in Potsdam and speak on the theme reconciliation. A wonderful and powerful theme that we dug into from a biblical perspective and that we also made practical. Forgiving one another, confessing sins, praying for each other... we did it all.

Dancing with the flag of Israel
We also visited the Bethel House of Prayer in Berlin where we prayed for Germany and Israel. Afterwards we walked to the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. Please, pray with us for expansion of our spiritual work in Germany.

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At the end of January the 27th annual marathon ice skating event will be held at the Weissensee in Austria. As in 2014 and 2013 our volunteers Krijn Donk and Henk Swijnenburg will be skating 200 km (!) for Traveling Light. They want to raise funds for the construction of a shelter for young women and girls in Moldova. More about the Weissensee 2015 project is coming up in a next blog post. Let's pray that Krijn and Henk stay strong and healthy as they prepare for this monster ice skating race.

The funds for project green houses Teen Challenge in Serbia came in. Wow, thank you all! Of course we will ask for some pictures as soon as they start the replacement of the plastic this coming spring. Thank you very much for your donations.

Work week Italy 2014 - offering practical help
This also means we can announce yet another project: the purchase of tractor parts for Comunita Brezzano in Italy. Yes, a practical project for the therapeutic community in Tuscany, that we visited with a group of men last year and the year before in order to help them with cutting firewood.

Please, keep an eye on our blog (or sign up with your email address)  for project details.

We are looking forward to co-labor with you all again in 2015. Together we can be a huge blessing to the nations around us!

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