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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Photo's Balkan conference, Bosnia

Thousands of kilometers on the road
For the fourth year in a row Jan participated, on behalf of Traveling Light, in the My Brother's Keeper conference that was held this past June in Bosnia.

It is an annual inter-denominational conference for men (many spiritual leaders, pastors etc.) from all Balkan nations. It is very useful for us to learn more about the (historical) problems these nations are dealing with. Of course being among so many people from different nations enlarges our network as well.

Camping, Bible studies, prayer...
As in other years a volunteer joined Jan on this trip: Hans Bos, from our Hoeksteen church in Etten-Leur. Together they first drove to Slovenia where we have good contacts and always a place to sleep :)

The next day they left for Bosnia. There where a few hundred men from all former Yugoslavian countries present at the conference

Haha, let's call it the united nations of  the Balkan
Such a conference offers us the opportunity to understand a little bit more about the emotional, spiritual and social problems these men are dealing with and often keep them from being free. Meeting each other, building relationships, listening, talking, asking questions, praying... it all helps to learn to understand each other better, despite the past, and to look forward to a hopeful future.

On their way back to Holland Jan and Hans stopped by at Gutes Land in Germany. Staff and students at the Teen Challenge rehabilitation program there are always eager to hear a positive and encouraging word.

Sharing a meal at Gutes Land
That is the beautiful thing about such a long journey: everywhere we go, we are able to shine our light, to share an encouraging word, to pray with or just simply listen to people. The Traveling Light journeys are life changing, for us and for the people we visit!

We are currently fundraising for two projects: 1) work among Roma children in Macedonia and 2) construction of an animal barn at Teen Challenge Berdychiv, Ukraine.

We would be very happy with your donations, because we are receiving more and more requests for help. Please send your gift to St. Traveling Light, Papendrecht IBAN: NL91RABO0118582275 BIC: RABONL2U.

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