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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Visiting Teen Challenge Georgia

Changed lives change lives!
Last month, we traveled to the republic of Georgia. We were there to visit the team of Teen Challenge  and they gave us a very warm welcome!

Georgia is a beautiful country with a rich history, culture and breathtaking scenery! Together with neighboring country Armenia they are the only Orthodox Christian country among islamic countries like Iran, Iraq, Syria, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Azerbaijan.

The Teen Challenge men's home
A few years ago a Teen Challenge rehabilitation center for men was established. Men with addiction problems are coming from all neighboring countries to Teen Challenge for help.

Meanwhile Teen Challenge also purchased a property where a women's house will be opened! There's still a lot of money needed for this ...

Open air church 
TC workers Kuanysh and Madina showed us around and took us to some beautiful spots near the capital Tbilisi. We have talked a lot about God's work in this country and the opportunities to be a blessing to the neighboring countries where the love of Jesus is not so well known.

The church service was held in the open air in a beautiful place in the mountains. Giorgi had brought his guitar, we shared a message and then there was a delicious picnic.

Church picnic with lots of new believers
We met so many kind and loving people, we heard stories, we prayed together and were able to encourage many people. It's so wonderful to see that family members of the guys in the Teen Challenge program now also get curious about the love of God: they see the change in their son, brother, husband ...

We came also in contact with the young Iranian pastor R. He now lives in Georgia and has set up CIC Mission there.

Jan gives Bible study at the men's center
CIC Mission is a non-profit that aims to share the love of God with the people from Iran and Azerbaijan. With a small team of volunteers pastor R. starts house churches all over the region! More on that in one of our upcoming blogs.

Also with Teen Challenge directors Blair & Althea we had a good time, useful discussions, powerful prayers and they showed us beautiful spots in the area as well. It was a great encouragement for us to see how a LIVING community of believers is growing in Georgia!

We are happy to be able to help them. On behalf of staff and students of Teen Challenge Georgia, THANK YOU for your donations for project study materials.

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