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Monday, December 21, 2015

Follow-up project Teen Challenge, Georgia

Visiting beautiful places in Georgia
Back in June 2014 we presented project Teen Challenge Tbilisi, Georgia on this blog. We then raised 2,200 euros which was needed to employ graduate Giorgi as a worker in the Teen Challenge rehabilitation center.

Giorgi went through the Teen Challenge program (after having spent many years in addiction) and during that time he made the decision to give his life to Jesus.

Our donation was enough for Teen Challenge to employ him for eighteen months. Let's take a look and see how Giorgi is doing....

Giorgi & Olya
Last July we visited Georgia. Our visit included also a day out with Giorgi and his fiancée Olya. He showed us beautiful places in the country. We also saw how he helped and guided the men in the center and we were surprised by his musical talents ... he turns out to be a talented worship leader as well.

In September he married Olya. He no longer lives in the center, but in a house close by. Together with Teen Challenge staff member Madina his wife runs a local grocery shop that Teen Challenge has opened recently. It is a wonderful place for meetings and conversations with local residents.

The local grocery shop
It is so nice to see someone grow and prosper and develop the ability to help and inspire other men who come into the program, such as Asen and Edik ... (see picture below).

Traveling Light wants to help Teen Challenge Georgia in keeping workers such as Giorgi. The program depends on donations which is a challenge from day to day, but always exciting. We are delighted to see and hear how people's lives change ... because every life counts!

Asen, Giorgi and Edik with their certificates
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