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Monday, December 14, 2015

Successful winter fair 2015

The final countdown :)
We can look back at a very successful winter fair. A tremendous amount of work was done by our team of faithful volunteers ... everything looked really beautiful and so welcoming.

The Christmas market with good second hand stuff was well visited and the Christmas wreath workshops hosted by Chantal de Jong were very well attended.

We furthermore had a table full of homemade pies and cakes. Many dear friends and family members donated these goodies for our bake sale.

Miki and Suzana Kamberovic
There was hot chocolate, pea soup, glühwein, tea and coffee, a stall with beautiful cards and much more. The Wii snowboarding game caused a lot of excitement and hilarity in our makeshift ski hut and at the end of the afternoon we were able to count a little over 1,400 euros! What a fantastic outcome.

1.000 euros of this will go to the work of Miki & Suzana Kamberovic in Serbia. We met them last summer during the Roma conference in Skopje and in October they were in the Netherlands. We came together for an inspiring evening and talked at length about their work and vision for the Roma people in Serbia.

Miki and Suzana live with their children in the Roma center OAZA in Jagodina. They are leading a Roma Church and a kindergarten. They recently started a new children's club in another building, but there is no heater there ....

New children's club
Thanks to your donations Traveling Light is able to encourage and help them so they can buy (among other things) a good heater. Once the heater is in place, we'll show pictures!

Well, we have many reasons to be happy and thankful. We had a really nice winter fair, collected a good amount of money for our projects, talked with many people and we will make a group of kids really really happy!

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