Monday, February 6, 2012

Visit Veelerveen, Groningen

Saturday night praise & worship
This weekend we visited the Teen Challenge center, De Spetse Hoeve, in Veelerveen, Groningen, all the way in the north eastern corner of Holland. Every first Saturday evening of each month they organize a church service at the center that is open to the public. These evenings are a time for worship and prayer and the men in the program are invited to share their testimony. We had never been to a service at de Spetse Hoeve, so we were happy to finally be there.

Ice and snow at the IJsselmeer
Furthermore we were able to spend some fun and valuable time with Stephan and Marianne Barendse, the directors of Teen Challenge Netherlands. It was so good to talk and share homemade meals together. They were really encouraged by our visit, and we were glad to hear that of course :) On our way back home we drove over the Aflsuitdijk and it looked like we were on the North Pole or something, wow, so much ice and snow!

PS: Stephan proudly showed us all the new fire extinguishers they purchased with the money from the gifts you gave last October.

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