Thursday, February 23, 2012

Photo's Gutes Land, Germany

Teen Challenge Gutes Land
As promised some photo's of the building project at Teen Challenge Gutes Land in Germany.

When we first visited the center we were in awe, because of the beauty of the buildings that are literally hundreds of years old. The Teen Challenge staff and students all live there.

after care house
The farm is located in the beautiful countryside of South Eastern Germany (nearby Munich). There are several men in the program right now and they are learning that 'once an addict, always an addict' is not true! Jesus can set people totally free from a life of bondage!

Finishing the inside
A few years ago they started building a small house on the premises, meant to be used as an after care house, where men who have finished the program can live in preparation for their return into society, but still be under the protection of Teen Challenge. Due to lack of finances and all kind of other issues the work was never finished. Currently they have a contractor working on the house and it starts to look great, as you can see in the pictures. The total cost for this building project will be around 20.000 euro and we offered them our help in paying part of the bill by raising 5.000 euro. We want to see this house finished!

basic rooms
As in most places the work of Teen Challenge can only continue thanks to gifts from churches, individuals and organisations, like the one we recently started :) It is just wonderful to be able to encourage staff and students at Gutes Land: 'you are not alone, we are standing behind you. Keep going, do not give up.'

We can only do it if you decide to help us! Thank you for your support and faithfulness. 

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